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Article 1 : Organisation

ZESPRI Service Center (hereinafter referred to as “ZESPRI”) having its registered office in 2018 Antwerp, Keyserlei 5 box 43, organises a competition without any purchase obligation, in which one can win sportbags
This competition starts 02/02/2004 and the entries have to reach ZESPRI before 31/05/2004, the date on which this competition will end.

By entering the competition the participant declares to agree with these rules, as well as with any decision ZESPRI and / or a judicial officer takes with regard to it.
No correspondence or telephone conversations will be conducted with regard to this competition. ZESPRI reserves the right to alter these rules at any time.

In compliance with the Act of December 8, 1992 safeguarding personal privacy, as amended by the Act of December 11, 1998 concerning the processing of personal data, ZESPRI will store the personal data given upon registration for the competition in its databases. In the future, this data can be used to inform you of ZESPRI’s products and services. Your personal data will neither be sold, nor given to third parties. By clicking the button “submit” for sending personal data, the participant however, recognises that sending such data over the Internet is never entirely without risk. Damage resulting from the use of personal data of the contestor by unauthorised persons can by no means be recovered from ZESPRI.

Article 2: Entry

Each person living in Europe is able to enter the ZESPRI KiwiPop competition, except for the employees of ZESPRI International Europe and their relatives living at home. It is only possible to register individually. Group registrations are not allowed.

The closure date can be moved for practical reasons. In that case the change will be announced on the ZESPRI website.

Article 3: Course of the competition

The competition starts Februari 2, 2004 and ends May 31, 2004.

Entering the competition is only possible on the Internet on www.zespri-europe.com by playing the KiwiPop game.
The organisers are not responsible for online entries, which cannot be found in the database.

Article 4: Proclamation of the winners/prizes

The winners will be the persons who gets the highest score in the given time. 10 winners are announced each month.  If several respondent have the same highscore, the earliest entry received will be considered the winner. These winners will be notified by e-mail. There will be no correspondence on the result.

The prizes to be won are 20 sportsbags. The illustration of the prize on the website and possible communication material are merely illustrative and are not contractual or binding.

The list of winners will be announced on the website www.zespri-europe.com. The winner will be notified personally by e-mail.

The prizes cannot be exchanged for cash or other benefits in kind and cannot be passed on to third parties.

The organisers reject all responsability for possible accidents and (or) damage resulting from the use of the prizes which have been won.

Article 5: Generalities

ZESPRI can by no means be held liable for any damage, both directly and indirectly, to persons, whether or not contestors, or materials (including hardware and software) as a result of entering the competition. This also applies to technical malfunctions and/or bugs in the hardware or software, or of ZESPRI, because of which entering the competition is temporarily impossible, or not possible at all.

Article 6: Disputes

By entering the competition the contestor accepts all points of these rules without reservation. The contestors accept that the name, the address and / or the picture of the winners will be published on the website www.zespri-europe.com.
ZESPRI can by no means be held liable for the possible consequences which the publication of these data may entail for the winner.
Each attempt to commit fraud will result in the immediate exclusion of the contestor. Individuals tampering with the competition, violating the competition rules or trying to do so, will be excluded from the competition.

These competition rules are drawn up in Dutch, English, German, Spanish and Italian. In case of any difference of contents or tenor, the Dutch text will be binding.

Rules drawn up in Antwerp on 30/01/2004.

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